Stress free driving lessons


“Go2Drive is the #1  Driving School in NSW with the highest success rate for first time passes”.

Go2Drive is a small private driving school that prides itself on personal, thorough driving instruction.

From your first lesson to your last we ensure a program which best suits the individuals needs as everyone’s driving skills vary and we are there one on one to teach & support you along the way.

Go2Drive instructor John Hanson has a wealth of driving experience from the snowy mountains of the Canadian Rockies to the slippery wet roads of Sydney. John`s driving experience spans 35 years and his calm and steady manner get`s you through every situation “Stress Free” and in an Easy to Learn” environment.

At Go2Drive we understand that learning to drive is a life skill” and valuable investment in to your future.

The qualified lesson takes the pressure off parents and equips the learner with the safe habits from the very start…

Go2Drive focus is also on changing attitudes to driving whilst learning the skills so that safety and hazard reduction are at the forefront to learning.

Teens, Adults and Seniors all welcome